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    How to default the quick filters to the latest month and year




      I have two filters, year and month which are the quick filters. is it possible with the first load that the current month and year are selected, so that we do not have to change the filters manually when the recent month data is added. The user should be able to change the year and month if he would like to.

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          I have attached my workbook. I have manually defaulted to 2018 and may. If June data comes up i wanted the quick filter to change automatically to June with out any change manually. Is it possible.

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            Eden Heller

            Hi Jyosthna,


            It sound like you are looking for two things:

            1. The ability set your quick filters to the latest values by default

            2. The ability to show relevant month values once you have selected a given year.


            #1 - Filter to latest value

            In versions 10.3 and higher, use the latest date presets in the filter dialog box to display latest date values automatically, as soon as your workbook opens. Note: this feature only works in with discrete dates.

            Screen Shot 2018-05-15 at 3.34.31 PM.png

            For your use case, I recommend selecting the discrete "Year" date part as soon as your drop your date field onto the filter shelf. If you want to show the latest month value as well, drop a second instance of your date part on the filter shelf and select "Month/Year."

            Screen Shot 2018-05-15 at 3.36.48 PM.png

            Lastly, check the "Filter to latest date value when workbook is opened" box.


            If you are on an older version than 10.3, please refer to Filter last value of each month for help creating a calculated field to filter to the last date value in your dataset.


            #2 - Show Relevant Values in Quick Filter

            To show only months relevant to the year selected in the quick filter, select the drop down carrot on your Month/Year quick filter and select "Only Relevant Values." When you change your Year filter, your Month/Year values will display accordingly.  See Relevant Value Quick Filters v10.0+ for more details.


            Note: If you use the latest date preset on both your Year and Month/Year quick filters, your data will disappear if you change the Year value to an older date. Your Month/Year quick filters, however, will display the correct relevant values.

            Screen Shot 2018-05-15 at 3.43.41 PM.png



            Eden H.


            p.s. Sorry for the giant pictures!