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    Calculation referencing multiple rows

    Praveen Prabhakaran

      Hi folks,


      As I understand, tableau's custom calculation works based on the values in a single row.

      I'm trying to create a calculation which also looks at other rows related to a unique value.


      In the below example, I need to create  a calculated column 'payment abandoned flag' against those customer ids who have abandoned their payment flow.


      One way is - to create a calculated field with payment step = 'payment done' as 'YES' and other steps as 'NO'.

      However when I apply this field in filter with 'NO' , it will also consider those customer ids who visited the 'started' page and also the 'payment done' page.

      Using window function, I can see correct results if I break it down by customer id, however I need I need to see at overall level not by customer id.
      Eventually I need to flag those customer ids who proceeded however did not complete the payment.





      Customer Idpayment steppayment abandoned flag
      123payment initiatedno
      123payment doneyes
      456payment initiatedno
      999payment initiatedno
      666payment initiatedno
      666payment doneyes


      What solution can I apply to only see those customer ids who started the payment however did not complete?