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    Fitting a normal curve to histograms in Tableau 10.1.3 - need help setting up calculated fields

    Christopher Klapperich

      Looking at the sheets "x histogram" and "y histogram" I want to fit a normal curve to each of these. I've looked at this: Fitting a Normal Curve to a Histogram | Tableau Public


      But 1) my bins for the y-histogram are calculated automatically. Because I have a selector for choosing the y-axis, I think I have to leave it automatic for bin calculation.


      2) For the x-histogram, I have count(measurements) for the rows, and batch number for the columns. But how do I do a calculated field like AVG(Count(selected measure)). That throws an error. I would want the average of the count for each batch... then the stdevs like the article talks about.


      Thanks for the help.