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    Find values inside of a string, name them and appear in a separate column

    braulio garcia

      Hi everyone,


      I want to know if there is a calculated field that can do the following:


      I want to find specific values in a column and add them to another column.


      currently I have a column that contains "campaign_name_id_email_other data" and I want the data look like this


      Column of campaign  | Column of id email |  Column of other data

      campaign_name_etc           id_email_1                other data

      campaign_name_etc           id_email_2                other data

      campaign_name_etc           id_email_3                other data

      campaign_name_etc           id_email_4                other data


      I do not want to split the column, just find the values inside of the string and separate those values that I can know the id email for each campaign without reading all the string that I currently have.


      I tried to do this using "IF" , "IIF" also "STR(CONTAINS("value","value"))"  but I cant find the right formula that can look for more than one value at the same time.


      I appreciate the help and thanks in advance.