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    Server on Linux - Can't access admin views ("drivers are not installed")

    Brett Houtz

      On my installation of Tableau Server 2018.1 on Linux (single node), i am unable to access the Server Status views. I get this error screen:


      Screenshot at May 15 08-46-52.png


      Internal logs for tabprotosrv_vizqlserver indicate that the issue may have to do with postgres:


      {"ts":"2018-05-15T08:43:28.796","pid":28298,"tid":"7f51634271c0","sev":"warn","req":"-","sess":"-","site":"-","user":"-","k":"excp","v":{"class":"postgres","dse-type":"NoDriver","excp-msg":"The drivers required to connect to the data source are not installed.\n","excp-type":"19DataSourceException","is-bad-request":false,"is-local-configuration-error":true,"is-remote-configuration-error":false,"msg":"DataSourceException::Throw"}}


      The latest postgres driver is installed on this system:


      $ sudo yum list installed | grep postgres

      postgresql.x86_64                      9.2.23-3.el7_4                  @base   

      postgresql-libs.x86_64                 9.2.23-3.el7_4                  @base   

      tableau-postgresql-odbc.x86_64         9.5.3-1                         installed


      What could be causing this issue?