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    How to show monthly & quarterly line in the same line chart?

    Swetha J



      I want to show 'Growth' measure in line chart as monthly and Quarterly for categories.


      Category Name : Product, Monthly

      Category Name : Corner First, Quarterly

      Category Name : AP, Monthly

      Category Name : Target, Monthly

      Category Name : Dell, Quarterly

      Category Name : Prove, Monthly

      Category Name : Real, Monthly



      For Categories,  Corner First & Dell data is available only on quarterly basis where I can see just data points( blue dots) but when we select for other categories it shows monthly in the bottom line chart.


      I want to show Corner First & Dell also with line (blue) in the same line chart when we select corresponding category.


      I don't want to use parameters ?


      Monthly line chart




      Quarterly line chart **but with blue dots ( should be in line and show quarterly months in same view)**



      Attached workbook