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    Tableau world map - full countries instead dots in historical animation

    Marcin Socha

      Hi guys,


      I need some help. I'm creating quite simple thing - I've got a table with two columns - one is simple ordinal number (from 1 to 156), and list of countries, and I want to present it on the pages with animation, where countries appear one by one basing on the ordinal number, and those already shown stay on the map visible ("show history" ticked). That is easy, basing on many youtube videos.




      What I get, is that when the animation starts I see full boarders of the actual country, and the others (the past ones) are just represented with the dots.


      Tableau maps example.PNG

      What I want:

      Tableau maps example - desired.PNG



      Which option should I choose/change to get this? My "data source" attached.


      Thanks in advance,