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    Tableau-MongoDB connection using Mongodb BI connector

    Raja S



      I am trying to connect Tableau-Mongodb. Below are the tools which i have used. when i execute mongosqld, the command execute fine and the mapping also works fine between mongodb and bi connector. When i try to connect from ODBC its throwing an error "Access denied for user..", but when i try with user-"root" and password-"admin" connection get successful and connection pointing to Mysql user not to Mongodb user. Kindly suggest me to solve this issue.


      Mongodb 3.4.6 - Ubuntu 16.2

      Mongo BI connector 2.4.1 - Ubuntu 16.2

      Mongosql-auth 1.1.0 - Ubuntu 16.2

      Tableau Desktop 10.5 - Windows


      Mongosqld command:




      Raja S