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    Map image fit

    Scott Schmeling

      Is there a trick to get a background Map image to fit a container?  I have built a swap image based on weather for a dashboard.  I have set it up to swap the image based on the weather in the city chosen- however when brought into a container the map image won't take up much of it.  Any suggestions would be helpful.

      Thank you

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          Peter Fakan

          Hi Scott,


          Just click inside the magnifying glass and type the landmass you want to view i.e. Australia and the map will zoom to the appropriate size for the space it has in the view. You can then lock this in (if you don't need zoom functions) by deselecting the zoom option in the Map > Map Options menu.





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            Peter Fakan

            Sorry, just re-read your question and realised I was on a tangent.


            The only way I can think of with your .twbx example is to resize the boxes so the width of the image can size itself in proportion to the height of the image (make it wider). This will have 2 effects; firstly the image will size into the available space, and secondly the image will scale up depending on how much width you give it.


            If you have a specific size space inside a dashboard, you can get the height and width for the picture you wish to insert by looking at the layout pane - this is if you are able to create an image to specific sizes of course.





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              Kent Marten

              Hi Scott Schmeling,


              I just want to be clear - are you asking about this Tableau Idea?  If yes, please vote it up.


              Kent M.