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    Adding two reference lines

    Tina Crouse

      I have a sheet where I calculate by month, so Jan 17 to Dec 17 and I have added Jan 18 to Arp 18 so far. I calculate the number of admissions per month as an aggregate. I have the measure in my columns and then the market like CO in my rows. I have a bar chart where I can see the aggregate of the measure which is admissions and can see by hovering over the bar what the aggregate was for the month. I am trying to add two reference lines. I know how to add a line but cannot quite figure out how to handle my calculation piece. What I am trying to do is aggregate the entire year, Jan17 to Dec17 and then subtract 10% from that aggregate. I want to show a reference line for the aggregate of Jan17 to Dec17 as well as a 2nd reference line that shows a broken dotted line for the subtraction of 10%. Same thing for what I have for 2018 and when I add another month, the calculation will update. For example if my aggregate is 5000 for 2017 that would be my solid reference line. Deduct 10% would be 4500 and that is the second reference line that is dotted and would be below the first reference line. I hope this makes sense.