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    Combining polygons and points in Tableau

    Melody Surja

      Hi all,


      I'm new in Tableau, and right now I'm trying to visualize polygon (from shape file) and points (lat long from csv) inside a dashboard to show a location of the points.


      I was thinking about using the shape file of the polygon as map so we can just overlay the points on top of it.

      But I need to do filtering on the polygon so it is not an option.


      Next I was trying to do spatial join, but somehow the results are only the points, without the polygon underneath.

      I don't know if I'm already doing this right. I'm using Join attributes by location and the geometric predicate is intersects.


      I was also trying to do join in the tableau between the shape file and csv file, and try to do dual axis map, but it messed up.


      Here is what I want to display in tableau (I did this in QGIS).


      But I want to keep all of the attribute from the shape file (for example region, sub region).


      *) note: because of the confidentiality, I cannot share the actual data.


      Many thanks for those who can give me the idea of what to do, been trying to solve this for days.