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    Date Lookup from another row

    Imran Ahmed

      Hi, I need help with a value lookup in Tableau. I want to match column 'Link' with column 'ID' and copy the Date in Lookup column. Column ID will always have a unique value in it. Any help will be appreciated.


      DST-19503/21/2018 14:57DST-20721/10/2018 12:51
      DST-18382/27/2018 14:50
      DST-20704/12/2018 16:47DST-20721/10/2018 12:51
      DST-15701/4/2018 9:39DST-207312/22/2017 12:45
      DST-20714/12/2018 16:47DST-207312/22/2017 12:45
      DST-20721/10/2018 12:51DST-20721/10/2018 12:51
      DST-207312/22/2017 12:45DST-207312/22/2017 12:45