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    Replacing Null with 0 not working with LOD

    nick liu

      I have one excel that contains the demand data by part number: e.g: the demand for Part a is 10.



      I have another excel containing the parts supply by part number by Week: e.g: In Week 1, the supply for Part a is 2, and 9 for week 2.



      then I left joined these two excels with "Part Number":




      In order to show the weekly supply by Part Number, I had a calculated field to use isnull to replace nulls with 0:


      {fixed [PartNumber-Demand],[Week]: if isnull(sum([Supply Quantity])) then 0 else sum([Supply Quantity]) end}



      but the issue remains as the yellow part in the following screenshot still shows as blank.



      Instead of Using ZN function, is there any other way I could fix this issue?


      Appreciate in advance for any great advice!!




      p.s: I attached my tableau file.