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    Measuring Time between Multiple Statuses in single column

    Michael Pearson

      I have some call center data that essentially is agents name, a time they changed status, and what that status changed to. I'd like to be able to measure the amount of time an agent spent in a specific status. My problem is there is multiple options for statuses and many of the other versions of this that I have found data on, essentially are trying to measure the difference between a beginning and ending status (or, there are enough times between statuses/limited number of statuses, that you could pull the calculation for each one).


      I think an LOD is going to be the best bet for us to roll with so that I can calculate averages and such.


      This is where I am, Datediff can't call to multiple if options, so unsure how to change this:


      { FIXED [AgentName (AgentAvailabilityRecords)], [Action Label]: sum(DATEDIFF('second',

      IF [Action Label]='All media login' then [Action Time] END,

      IF [Action Label]='Ready' then [Action Time] END,

      IF [Action Label]='Not ready' then [Action Time] END,

      IF [Action Label]='Project' then [Action Time] END,

      IF [Action Label]='Lunch' then [Action Time] END))}


      Anyone have thoughts?