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    Table calculations in a worksheet

    Dean Turna

      I am looking to return a percentage for the number of times a field appears with a value in across a number of "area's",


      For example - I have several common fields (e.g. Handbags, shoes, lipstick) across several department stores, some of which return 0 value for a certain field (as some have sold none), some of which return a positive value for a certain field  (as they have sold numerous handbags),


      I'd like to know what % of department stores have sold handbags in any capacity, e.g (5 out of the10 department stores have sold handbags... therefore I would like it to show 50%),


      In essence a count of positive hits across a consistent data set.


      the data set resembles the following:


                           store 1          store 2           store 3          store 4            % (what we would like to calculate)

      Handbags      £5k                £0                    £20k            £0                 50%

      Shoes            £7k                £8k                  £9k              £0                  75%

      Lipstick            £0                £0                    £0                £10k              25%