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    Removing Pivot Errors when changing data source

    mark heitz

      Hi All,


      I am starting to get into Tableau Prep.   I have found that when I tried to change source data (but keep the same downstream flow),  I have a few erros and can't fix them.


      There are 4 fields that existed in the original data source, and not in the new data.   All is good until i get to a pivot step which originally pivoted these values.  Since they are no longer part of the data set, PREP throws and error.  When i try to go into the Pivot step to 'remove' the errors ('unknown field'), there is no way to 'remove the history' from the pivot?  How can i remove them out o fthe pivot names field without breaking the whole flow, removing the pivot, and rebuilding? I was hoping i could drag out the fields.. no luck


      In the pic you can see the error... Average direct labor wage ($/FTE) 1  ..........it's remnante of the old data set?




      pivot .png