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    Url Action Filter<Measure Names>

    Emre Mustafa GÖKCAN

      Hello I need your emergency help.


      In order to catch the same case, I prepared a sample dashboard similar to my own dashboard.

      When I clicked on the dashboard, I used the "Url Action Filter" to navigate to the site I wanted.

      Purpose: When the dashboard is clicked, the link changes dynamically according to the clicked "Measure Name"


      I want to Dynamic Link  : "https://www.apple.com/tr/<measure names>/"


      Example ;

      Ipad : https://www.apple.com/tr/ipad/

      iphone : https://www.apple.com/tr/iphone/

      Mac :  https://www.apple.com/tr/mac/

      Music :https://www.apple.com/tr/music/

      Watch :https://www.apple.com/tr/watch/


      Action.pngdashboard link.png