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    Pass values to other dashboard using URL Action

    Vasu choudhury




      I have a dashboard published to the server with row/user level security and filters are Region, State, City, Year

      http://server name/#/site/SiteName/views/Dashboard1/Sheet1?:iid=1



      And another dashboard with some additional information without any row/user level security(Ex: All Regions data)

      http://server name/#/site/SiteName/views/Dashboard2/Sheet2?:iid=1


      I have a sheet in Dashboard1 with URL Action to call Dashboard2. Just filter 2 values only.

      http://server name/#/site/SiteName/views/Dashboard2/Sheet2.csv?Region=East&Year=2016


      values for Region = East, Central, West, North   ; Year=2016, 2017, 2018

      Since i have row level security on Dashboard1, i could see single Region at a given point of time and therefore always pass single region to the URL

      i.e. http://server name/#/site/SiteName/views/Dashboard2/Sheet2.csv?Region=East


      The issue is with Year, let's say i selected Year=2017 in dashboard1, then the URL should be..

      http://server name/#/site/SiteName/views/Dashboard2/Sheet2.csv?Region=East&Year=2017


      but it always picks all values(if i check Allow Multiple values) else pick the least value(without Allow multiple values check) i.e. 2016.

      http://server name/#/site/SiteName/views/Dashboard2/Sheet2.csv?Region=East&Year=2016,2017,2018.


      My requirement is If i select 2017 from dashboard1, then the URL action should have the selected value in the URL.

      For 2017: http://server name/#/site/SiteName/views/Dashboard2/Sheet2.csv?Region=East&Year=2017

      For 2018: http://server name/#/site/SiteName/views/Dashboard2/Sheet2.csv?Region=East&Year=2018 and so on..


      Any suggestions please!