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    Enterprise - Web Authoring and New Tableau Explorer license

    Ross Moffitt

      Hello Enterprise Users,


      We are looking at the new subscription offering from Tableau which includes: Creator, Explorer and Viewer. I am curious to hear others thoughts on Explorer.  It seems that all BI companies are shifting more functions and features from the Desktop Client to Web.


      We’ve tried using the Server Web Authoring on 10.1 and 10.5, but most people are still not satisfied and go back to Desktop for full capabilities. Web Authoring has not been successful for us, and is really just used to make some minor edits on server. We are looking at omitting Explorer all together and just offering Creator and Viewer. Our thought is that with Viewer we can create dynamic dashboards that give people the ability to explore dashboards, but in a much more controlled method so that inaccurate data or views will not be created.


      Does this disrupt the self-service model, or should self-service really be performed by the creator? I am curious to see how other enterprise users or large server users are thinking about the new roles defined by Tableau.


      Also is there a major difference in Web Authoring on Server 2018.1 compared to 10.5? Enough for reason to upgrade?



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          Jorge Peraza

          Hello Ross,


          The most significant addition to Web Authoring for 2018.1 is the ability for creators to connect to new data sources directly on the web.  You can upload excel and CSV files, as well as connect to 25+ relational connectors withouth desktop.  We also added the "data source" tab to do basic data prep. Finally, we added the sort data dialog to have even more sort options for web authors.


          I would love to hear more about your experience using web authoring. We are working hard to make the experience better with every release.