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    Difference From Static Value

    Nitin Paighowal



      I am trying to find the difference from the value from first row by keeping it static.

      For example, to calculate formula for diff1 is :

      B5= $B$3-B4 , C6 = $B$3-C4, D7=$B$3-D4 and E7=$B$3-E4

      which means I am taking the difference from B3 and the cells from next row


      Same goes for other Difference Diff2, Diff3 and Diff4 but this time with next value in row if ship mode, that is:

      For Diff2,

      B5=$B$3-B4, C5=$B$3-C4 and so on.


      I have attached excel sheet and twb for reference. Quick response is appreciated