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    Snapshot data

    Giselle Miller

      I'm pulling data from a Microsoft SQL server and one of the tables stores snapshot data. That data is snapped on the last day of the month. Just to make the question easy, I'll only talk about opportunity funnel value, we call it estimated annual revenue (EAR).  It's a measure. Let's say that on March 30 the EAR of all opportunities was $50M. On April 30 the EAR was $60M. However rather than Tableau reporting those individual data points, it sums them.  If I change the snapshot date from years to quarters to months, the value decreases.  Anything more granular than months stays constant but still incorrect.  How do I tell Tableau to go get the data for the last day of the each month and not sum it.  If I change the data type to an attribute it's even more incorrect.  Any ideas?  I've even tried doing {Fixed (Snapshot Dt): Sum (EAR)} but went even more haywire.  Wish I could provide a packaged workbook but some of this data is sensitive.