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    Unable to drop objects/move objects on dashboard

    Dizzy Techie

      The environment:

      Tableau desktop professional 10.5.1, 64 bit

      Windows 10

      On a Lenovo Yoga 260 laptop

      I have enabled/disabled the touchpad. and enabled/disabled accelerated graphics while trying to solve for this.


      The issue I am facing:

      1. Unable to drop any visualization into a dashboard (as a tiled viz). As soon as I drag and drop a visualization - the area where I intend to drop turns grey and clicking doesn't drop the object at all. No matter where I click the viz doesn't drop.
      2. If  I drop the visualization as floating, I cannot drag to the correct place the anchor it. The dragging 'handle' doesn't appear on top of the visualization
      3. I cannot move around or edit any of the other containers already present in the dashboard - the move handle does not appear on top, neither does the container menu appear on the corner


      I am at my wit's end now. If I create a new dashboard everything works fine and I do not face any issues, however, after a while, the new dashboard also has the same issues.


      Hesitant to share a screenshot because the data is is confidential info.


      Looking forward to getting help from you experienced folks.