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    Calculating days in Quarter between 2 dates

    Shariq Mohd

      Hi All,


      I have a challenging request from my client which i am unable to get my head around and need your help.


      The Process is every quarter an employee has to perform Risk Assessments to ensure that there are no issues in the RCSA which he is responsible of.



      The client would like to break down the Risk Assessments in below categories.


      • On Time= Done in the last week of the Quarter.
      • Early= Done in the before the last week of the Quarter
      • Late= Done after 10 days of the next quarter. (e.g. Days in Q1+11 days of next quarter)
      • Not Assessed: Assessment due in Q1 but not assessed in current or next quarter.

      The client would like to know how many are falling under which category by selecting the quarter of his choice. Below is the snapshot and attached is the sample data along with the .twbx


      Please see the data set as below. The status column is whats desired and its not in the data provided here.