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    Understanding a Histogram

    Andrew Morgan

      Hi Community,


      I have a simple ask. I created a histogram using sample superstore showing quantity and sales.


      I am just wondering what's this chart showing and how to interpret it?


      Please give your valuable inputs.

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          Jim Dehner

          Hi Andrew

          interesting chart


          You created this chart by plotting the individual records (i.e. turned off aggregate marks on the analytics tab)


          so each bar is composed of all the individual  records in the data base that have the sales quantity equal to the value on the horizontal axis

          and the height is the total value of those individual records if you hover over the bar the values of the individual records show up





          so you would say for the 1191 records that had a sales quantity of 4 the totals sales were $323,671




          if you replace sum sales with sum quantity you get this which give a count of the records





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            Andrew Morgan

            Morning Jim,




            I am not dis-aggregating the data points. I just converted quantity from measures to dimensions and plotted against sales values. So, if I understood you correctly, a person who purchased one 1 item has generated x sales, products that are purchased twice generated y sales, and so on.


            Is that correct?

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              Jim Dehner



              see the attached excel file - I pivoted the data - the tableau  histogram and the excel are not looking at "Customer" they are counting records - e..g if a person purchased 1 item in a category on day 1 and then on day 10 they purchased 1 item again - that is 2 records


              see the highlighted row - and compare it to the Tableau detail above






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