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    Showing months up until certain date (v10.5)

    Ryan Soares

      In the attached workbook I have some simple data and the close dates for each month:

      I'd like to set this up so that after the close date is passed, the previous month is dropped off the table. So for example, when 2018-06-11 is passed then May will be dropped off the table. Then when 2018-07-09 is passed, June will drop off the table and only July to October will show.


      Thanks in advance!

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          Okechukwu Ossai

          Hi Ryan,


          I assume that when an oldest month (May) is filtered out then it will be deleted from your database leaving the previously second oldest (June) month as the current oldest, which will be then filtered out and deleted when the condition is met........and the cycle goes on.


          Create calculated field [Min Date Filter]

          TODAY() > {FIXED :MIN(IF [Close Date] > {FIXED : MIN([Close Date])} THEN [Close Date] END)} AND [Close Date] > {FIXED : MIN([Close Date])}

          This is a Boolean expression. It will return True or False. Use this as filter and set it to 'True'


          Hope this helps.