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    Drop Down Box in Tableau

    Scott Carman

      Morning All,


      I have a question to see if it can be done in Tableau as I have my doubts.


      I have a project at work to identify the active runway at an airport.  Let's say the airport has 2 runways, 1 north and south and 1 east and west.  They are numbered 36, 9, 18, 27.


      Our project current shows the active runway by a label with the runway number and then a color code to show its status that is manually changed via a drop down box in Excel.



           36 - Green (This is the active runway)

           9 - Yellow (This is a possible option)

           18 - Red (Runways are one way only so you don't want airplanes landing head on)

           27 - Yellow (This is a possible option)


      the idea is that we would make the status changes and publish our work to a Tableau Server to have others view the dashboard from there.


      Any ideas?




      Scott Carman


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          Shinichiro Murakami

          Hi Scott,

          Because we don't have data or file, try to explain by text only.


          Create 4 parameters for respective runway.

          And assign string value  Red, Green, Yellow for respective parameters.


          Then assign parameters to color for each runway's field.


          Again without seeing data, I am not sure how you want to use these feature.