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    Exclude Holiday & Weekends to find ONLY Business Days

    Lashaw Salta

      Hi Guys,


      There are a lot of ideas out there that I have tried but I just can't seem to get this right.


      I want to get the "Days Outstanding" which is basically TODAY's DATE - FUND DATE. I need only business days so i would need to exclude weekends and federal holidays.


      I found an excel file (attached) with all the dates from 2018 to dec 2022, under "NET WORK DAYS" tab. I created the "Join" column in the excel file and I added this to the tableau workbook. I used a LEFT JOIN to join the excel to the data on the column "DELETED" = "Join" and from there I want to calc the number of days per my calculated field 'Days Outstanding"



      The calculation is only pulling blanks and i don't understand why. Could you all please help?


      GOAL: find the number of business days the ID Number is outstanding (today - fund date) using an excel file with all the dates already input.




      Lashaw Salta