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    Tableau Subscriptions

    Matthew Kiefer

      Is there any way to hide the 'Manage' subscriptions button for end users so that they can't click the manage button?  The goal would be to allow the end user to subscribe, just not manage that subscription (that would be done by a project leader).



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          Sankarmagesh Rajan

          Hi Matthew,


          Have you tried with user login.

          The users can change their subscriptions, that's why tableau given the mange option.





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            Matthew Kiefer

            Thanks Sankar for your reply.  To summarize, we have a custom Portal that has Tableau embedded visualizations.  The customer only wants their end users to have the ability to subscribe within the portal to that specific viz and not have the ability to be directed back to Tableau server to adjust any subscriptions.  Therefore, they would like the subscibe button still visible, but the manage buttong taken away. Hope that helps to provide more insight