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    Create Calcuated Field and Filters

    Edward Gregory

      I would like to be able to do the following with this workbook (Using Tableau 10.4.6):


      1) I’d like to mouse over a given point and be able to see what the Max and Min values are. So, as another example, I’d be able to see that for the noon – 1pm hour in April, we received, on average, 25 calls, with the most received for that time period (noon – 1 in April) being 32, and the least being 7.


      2) I’d also like to have the filters show me the aggregate data in the graph. I’d like to try and setup it up so that if I click on two months, I get the average for both of those months, aggregated or combined. This will allow me to do things like look at the dataset by quarter.


      First time posting so I hope I did it correctly. Thanks