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    Project Management Action Filter Not Working Properly

    Michael Shull

      I posted a simple project management vitalization on Tableau Public for a customer. This dashboard has three sheets:

      1. Projects: Projects with milestones
      2. Activities: Activities with task completion flags
      3. Tasks: Tasks that are associated to a specific activity


      I have two action filters set on the dashboard--both have similar functions:

      1. Activity Filter: When clicking on a specific project in the project sheet, filters to display associated activities in the activity sheet.
      2. Task Filter: When clicking on a specific activity in the activity sheet, filters to display associated tasks in the task sheet.


      Here is what happens (which is absolutely correct) in Tableau Desktop (and Tableau Public Desktop--I tried both):


      Step one: Standard View


      Initial View_Projects.PNG


      Step Two: Clicked on the "Website" project:


      Project and Activity View.PNG


      Step Three: Clicked on "Website" and "Unique and brief title 1" to show associated tasks:


      Full View with Tasks.PNG


      Here is what happens when I save to Tableau Public (The action filters don't work):