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    Convert Period Number to Month

    Cameron Starling

      Hi, please can anyone advise on the following in a simple way:


      I have a Dimension called 'Period1' this relates to the periods in our fiscal calendar.....1=Current month, 2 = Prior Month, 3 = Prior Prior month, 4 = Prior prior prior Month etc.


      Is there was of setting up a calculated field that basically concerts the Period number to a month/year and is dynamic, i.e.:


      When Period 1 = May'18, Period 2 = Apr'18, Period 3 Mar'18


      Then next month when I refresh the report, Period 1 = Jun'18, Period 2 = May'18, Period 3 = Apr'18


      I was thinking some sort of calculated IFF function with EDATE, but can't get it to work.


      Appreciate any advice.