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    need suggestion regarding setting up different Tableau environment

    anil saini

      Hi Experts


      what is in existence:

      I have two different DB environment, say DB1 which is Dev(which includes QA/test) environment and DB2 which is the production environment(contains master and txn tables)

      Also, we have a portal which follows the same environment, like Dev(which includes QA/test) and prod environment and that portal contains some tableau dashboards.

      We store same tableau dashboards in two different projects, one as a dev project and other as production(which is accessible by the end customer) but its data source is same which is DB2


      What we need:

      we are planning to make the different environment of tableau dashboards as well.


      What is happening:

      Right now tableau is connected to DB2 which is production DB, but during UAT which means when our client wants to test the portal, so what he did is he create some dummy coupon codes from the portal(this entry is made in dev environment DB in master table), then he makes some transaction using that coupon(this entry is also made in dev environment DB in txn table) and then he wants to see this in report


      where he fails to see this because tableau is connected to prod DB, not dev DB.


      so, my questions

      1) what we can do to achieve this is we can create 2 separate workbooks, one who connects with db1 and one who connects with db2

      and in dev environment of the portal we show workbook 1 and in the production environment, we show workbook2


      which means that First I have to maintain the dev workbook, and once it is tested either I  have to make those changes in prod workbook or replace data source with prod

      is this recommended approach? if yes then why? and if no then why not and other ways?


      2) in case of replacing data source, it has its own complications, which means we have to take care of lots of things so that our views/dashboards will not get affected. how can we do that?




      Dan Cory Sankarmagesh Rajan Patrick A Van Der Hyde Jonathan Drummey Zhouyi Zhang Yuri Fal

      guys, can you suggest what we can do?