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    KPI trying to force another years value to show up in a colomn

    marc de Latour

      I'm creating a KPI card, which displays a sentence.  I want certain aggregated values to programmatically change within the sentence.  to do this I create a table and force certain values into one column, hide all the other columns and use that to create a sentence that changes with a new data upload and/or parameter change.


      This Measure is aggregated



      Since <Par Year> Op Ex have incresed from ______ to <AGG(PMPM)>

      (<% Difference in AGG(PMPM)>)

      " Since 2015 Op Ex have increased from 334.17 to 350.56 (4.903%) the blank is where I want "parameter(year) value" to show


      The problem is that to create this type of sentence you have to have all the values in one column.


      I basically want to force (see attachment) 2015 value (whatever the parameter is displaying) to show up in 2017 column.  it would probably default to show in all columns.  so if 2016 was selected then 348 would show in blank etc.


      Maybe there is way to reference a specific years value in the test but I haven't been able to find it