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    Number of Records vs Rows retrieved

    Tanya Katruk


      I am trying to create an extract of a large data set (19+M) that has data source filters. It takes hours to create an extract and I am concerned that the whole database 400+ M rows will be loaded to my PC. So I am using more filters to understand in details how Live/Extract works.

      1) to my surprise I found that filters specified under Filter section in the Data Source tab apply to Live connection, but do not always get transferred to Extract connection (need to click on Edit to updated Extract filters).

      2) When I switch from Live connection to Extract then the Creating Extract window shows that 1,200,800 rows are retrieved in importing data step, but Number of Records measure shows only 746,889. Why? Am I pulling something extra? How can I estimate number of rows that needs to be retrieved for my extract if my Number of records in Live connection is 19,411,057? Each load takes hours and I want to make sure I haven't overlooked something in additional to discovery I described in 1)


      Any clues will be highly appreciated.

      Thank you!

      I am using Tableau Desktop 10.3