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    Dashboard has 14 worksheets but using 10 worksheets will dashboard load data for 14sheets

    Chandra Sekhar

      Hi All,



      I have Dashboard is up and running but I have requirement which is Daily Extract(Single table from datawarehouse) which run dashboard basis,, so far no issues. This Dashboard has 14 Worksheets but I use only 10 Worksheets on Dashboards



      I wonder about 4 Worksheets data also fetch by database or it will only fetch data which are used on Dashboard.Please clarify



      One more aspect I want to use these 4 Worksheets. My requrement is like for eg:



      Two Radio Buttons like county  USA and Canada. When user select USA I have to show US data and when I select Canada it should show Canada data. If I toggle radio buttons will the data loading is a problem or Data will load when Extract will fetch the data.Irrespective of worksheets used or unused.Appreciate your inputs