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      Hi Guys


      How are you all? I trying to work out forcasting with Tableau, I have data which is Test drives booked for today and also the future, I also have the past data. Using the past data is there a logic I can apply to forcasting:


      For e.g  The across at top shows when the TD was booked (TD Created) and the Grand total is how many were booked in total so look at the 5/5 we can see 301 test drives were booked in total, and majority of them were booked on the 4th which were 101 and the other days you can see.


      Now I have data for last 3 years can I use some function or logical to have a forcast for the next 2/3 days. A predication based on for examples if we look at the Saturday coming 12/05 we use an average of the Saturdays in the past and also see how many cars were booked the day befaore and on that day in the past and using this make a predcition. I can achieve this in excel but wanted to achieve this in excel


      Any one have any ideas.