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    Uniform and clean Filter/Parameter formatting/layout across multiple dashboards

    Ilya Begelman


      We've developed a number of dashboards with each having between 2-6 filters.  We would like the dashboards to have a uniform and neat feel and I'm brainstorming the best way to accomplish this. Ideally if two different dashboards have the same 3 filters they're using those filters would be spaced/sized the same way in both dashboards.


      So far it seems as though using a layout container with the 'Distribute Evenly' option seems to be the best option that balances a uniform/neat look while avoiding recording specific widths per each filter element. The only down side is we have certain filters that will take up half of the space where the content is a year value, eg. '2015'.

      What about the height factor for the layout container that holds the filters? Is it best practice to set that to be something specific (and then deal with floating containers) or is there another option I'm not aware of?


      I'm very interested in hearing ideas about ways to approach this.

      Thank you!