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    Compare and count unique sets of value

    Tam Nguyen

      Hello Tableau Forum,


      I've a question on how to compare and count unique sets of values.


      In the sample data below, there're 4 workbooks, and the permission names are people who have permission to view the workbooks.


      In the 'Workbook Permission' worksheet, I calculated for how many workbooks have number of permissions. That is, there're one workbook with 2 permissions and three workbooks with 3 permissions.


      Question: For workbooks that have same number of permission names, how to compare and count for unique sets of permission names? 


      For example, Inventory Report and Sales Report have 3 permission names and the names are the same. However, Profit Report also has 3 permission names, but this set of names are different from the sets for Inventory Report and Sales Report.


      So the result should be for workbooks with 3 permission names, there're two workbooks that have the same set of permission names and one workbook with another set of permission names.


      Looking forward to your solution.





      workbook permission data.png