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    Year over Year calculation

    Patti P

      ** really appreciate any input, even if it points me to a thread I may have missed**


      Hi everyone,


      I have been searching the forums high and low to solve my particular challenge, I have found some solutions but they don't quite address what I'm trying to do. Here it goes and I hope you can help me out.


      I have a data set that spans from  Jan 2016 to April 2018 with data being added monthly to track.


      I need to enable the users to compare the year over year growth/loss for the selected month, quarter or year across this time.  I was able to use the YoY growth quick table calculation which accomplishes everything I need EXCEPT for  hiding the empty column (see picture) without it being hidden globally, I think the picture might be able to present what I'm talking about better.


      ALSO: This should be drillable with various dimensions (i.e. location, department, individual representative, etc)



      Appreciate your help on this