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    Displaying Month Over Month Change, but only showing current month

    Stephan Jones



      Posting this to the hive mind for some help. I've been looking and am stumped at the moment (it also could be because it's my Friday). Any help is appreciated. I can't share my actual data, but recreated the simulation with Superstore.


      I'm looking to pose the following two questions -


      #1 - How do I display a month over month change, without showing the previous month? (in my example workbook, I want to see the change in sales, but only want to see the most recent month). Every time I remove the preceding month, the value disappears. The default table calculations don't seem to work for me doing this, so is there another way?


      #2 - I want to be able to select a month and display the appropriate data, Is there a way to set up a filter (or parameter) to do this for me?


      (Once I figure this out, I'll be using Rank to only display the top 5 most improved change in sales, bottom 5 least improved change in sales).