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    Kerberos Cache Tickets Expired. Behaviour with tabprotosrv

    Gavin Robertson

      Hi All,


      Our setup includes Tableau Server, and we want to understand the behavior of tabprotosrv processes. 


      As understood, tabprotosrv is the process responsible for making connections to data source. We use a generic ODBC driver for this purpose. At the back end, the data source maintains a Kerberos cache which is set to expire after a certain period of time. While initiating the connection two tabprotosrv process are created. When the Kerberos cache is expired, we send an error saying unauthorized connection from our ODBC driver.


      After the cache is expired, the report on Tableau Server is no longer available for editing and a "Unable to connect to datasource" error is popped up as below:


      This behavior is expected,  however, we see the connection is still maintained through tabprotosrv process. We are not sure which tabprotosrv process maintains the connection. What we are trying to achieve, is for Tableau to kill the connection when this error is encountered. As per the SQL trace, SQLPrepare is called from tableau, and we set the above error with "Error Preparing Statement".


      What should be the correct approach/error reporting, for tableau to kill the connection when this error is encountered? Attaching the SQL trace for calls made to the driver.