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    Display measure value at line end as a text?


      I have the following chart that has two measures, one displays as a area chart and the second one as a line on a dual axis. I showed the line end value (circled in red).

      Would be possible to display a text instead of this value, i.e. instead of "1,104" to have "Capacity" ?

      Note that I cannot add a straight reference line, as the second measure may have different values from month to month even it appears as a straight line on this snapshot.



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          Anisha Jhamb

          Does this work for you?

          Label is at the right end here of the line




          Steps to achieve this:


          1. Created an On-shelf calculation called 'Sales'. In your case, it would be 'Capacity' and place it on the Text card.


          2. Click the Text Card and select 'Show Mark Labels' and select 'Most Recent' or 'Line Ends' based on your requirement.



          Hope that helps!



          Anisha Jhamb