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    Attempting to calculate difference in measure dependent on dimension

    David Goodman

      Hi all,


      I'm looking for help in working out how to create a calculation based on a few items in my data. This is sample data, it's more the process of how to do it that I would need to move forward with my project. I'm trying to do this in Tableau Desktop 2018.1


      The data I have is as follows:



      Entity 1Los Angeles10001
      Entity   1Los Angeles8002
      Entity 2Los Angeles4001
      Entity   2Los Angeles4502
      Entity 3Los Angeles5001
      Entity   3Los Angeles15002
      Entity 4Los Angeles1801
      Entity   4Los Angeles1702
      Entity 5Los Angeles10001
      Entity   5Los Angeles5002


      I am looking to calculate the change in unit number between cycle 2 and cycle 1, so it looks like the following:


      Entity 1Los Angeles800-200
      Entity 2Los Angeles45050
      Entity 3Los Angeles15001000
      Entity 4Los Angeles170-10
      Entity 5Los Angeles500-500


      Also, attached a packaged workbook with the above data.



      Any help would be appreciated, thanks.