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    Run Tableau Prep .tfl flows daily on Tableau Server?

    Geoff Nordling

      Hello helpful friends!


      I publish .twb's to my company's Tableau Server that connect to, and refresh as daily extracts, from .txt files in a share drive folder, but also directly to some databases via Custom SQL. It's important that the reports I publish update automatically and routinely.

      I've been experimenting with this new Tableau Prep, and it's very interesting. I'd like to use it for my Tableau Server reports. But when I publish a .tfl flow as a data source to my Tableau Server, I don't see any options to schedule updates.


      Is it possible to use .tfl files to regularly connect to, and refresh from, data sources, to maintain regularly updated data sources on Tableau Server? If Tableau Prep is not able to do this, it only seems useful for adhoc analyses, not routine reports that should refresh daily.