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    Calculating rows and reference when there are none

    Jennifer Leo



      On a sheet, I need to be able to create a text that pops up when there are no rows showing in a table. While I have tried size() and index() and a variety of other table calcs, the problem is that they they throw "None" whenever there is nothing in a table. There appears to be no way to reference this condition of "None" in a calculated field so that I can replace text, or use that as a filter to switch between sheets, or any number of tricks one might normally use to get around this problem. I also tried a calculated field to the effect of:
      if size() >= 1 then ""
      Else "Footnote that I need in the title" END


      Still throws "None" when there is nothing in the table.


      So, a few questions so that I can come up with a possible workaround:


      1.) Is there a way to reference "None" when using size () in a table calculation that I am missing?
      2.) Is there a way to count rows or to reference a blank table that does NOT require a table calculation?


      Essentially, is there any workaround I can create that something will be triggered when there are no rows on a sheet? I'd even be happy with a solution that the footnote I need (when there are no rows) is the default and then I can set up something where the footnote is replaced with empty text when row is 1 or greater. However, everything I have tried thus far has failed.


      (Note: One other idea I have tried and discarded is to make the footnote floating and it just be covered by the floating sheet when there are rows in the sheet. This presents a problem though because of the need for things to resize automatically with other things on the dashboard).


      I can't easily include a packaged workbook, however the version number I am using is 10.5.3.