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    Tableau and Google Analytics: lots of problems and no answers


      Hello everybody,


      this time I'm here to report the problems I'm having with Google Analytics and Tableau. Specifically, in the last 6 months I've been having problems updating my extracts, till the point that i'm completely unable to update some of my workbooks.


      I've been looking for solutions, but all I've found were old post, an invitation to fill a support request to Google (https://issuetracker.google.com/issues/63320055 ) and an out to date support article (Error "Tableau failed to create an extract" When Connecting to Google Analytics | Tableau Software  - it says that it was updated last month, but it doesn't give any real solution).


      I've taken screenshots of all the different errors I'm getting, I hope that someone can help me. I'm using Tableau 2018.1 and WIndows 10.


      When I try to perform an incremental update, this is what I get:



      The weird thing is, I don't even have a ga:timeOnPage column in my dataset.


      When I try to do a full update, this is the result:




      If I try to edit the data source, I get this error message:


      Followed by this one:



      And after that, all my calculated fields are eliminated. But even after losing all calculated fields, the workbook won't update, it just shows a different (yes, another one!) error:




      I've almost lost my hopes to recover my broken workbooks, but I'm open to any idea. Please, just don't tell me to fill another support ticket :-(