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    Digits after decimal


      I have a formula like this:




      IF [Investment] =1 Then "TVPI=1"

      ELSEIF [Investment] <1 OR ISNULL([Investment]) Then "TVPI<1"

      ELSEIF [Investment] >1 Then "TVPI>1"



      This is just a color indicator.


      TVPI=1 ----> Black

      TVPI>1----> Green and

      TVPI<1----> Red


      And I formatted the field to show two digits after decimal.


      But the problem is some of the values which are 1.00 are showing as Green. I looked at the database. I see that the original values are 1.0001. So, I think, it is considering this as greater than (>) 1.


      How do I solve this problem ?

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          Okechukwu Ossai

          Try this.


          IF ROUND( [Investment],3) =1 Then "TVPI=1"

          ELSEIF ROUND( [Investment],3) <1 OR ISNULL([Investment]) Then "TVPI<1"

          ELSEIF ROUND( [Investment],3) >1 Then "TVPI>1"


          This will convert the values to 3 decimal places 1.000. You can play around with the number of decimal places depending on the precision of your data.

          Hope this helps.