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    Finding 5 nearby places using maps

    Mandaar Mantri


      I am looking for a solution to below problem



      A grid report should show nearby 5 places when a particular place or point in clicked on a map.

      Find Nearby places using Maps.JPG


      I have already been through following articles, using which I was able to calculate distance in miles between two points. Currently I am using a parameter to find out distance of 5 nearby places. But the end user would like to have a direct interactivity with the map i.e. a click on map should show 5 nearby places in the adjacent grid.



      3959 * ACOS


      SIN(RADIANS(LOOKUP(AVG([Latitude]), First()))) * SIN(RADIANS(AVG([Latitude]))) +

      COS(RADIANS(LOOKUP(AVG([Latitude]), First()))) * COS(RADIANS(AVG([Latitude]))) * COS(RADIANS(AVG([Longitude])) - RADIANS(LOOKUP(AVG([Longitude]), First())))




      Calculate the Distance Between Points on a Map | Tableau Software

      Mapping Distances – An Alternate Approach | VizPainter

      Tableau Tip: Calculating the distance between two points


      Looking for the solution as soon as possible. Attached is the worksheet which I was working on.

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          Tim Dines

          Questions because I am unable to download the twbx at my location:

          1.  Have you got the map to the point where the five locations are coming up when you click a point?

          2.  If one is yes, then have you set an action filter that will filter the grid when the map points are clicked?

          3.  On the flip side, have you got the grid to the point where clicking a location on it will set the location on the map?

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            Mandaar Mantri



            I am not able to get  the map to the point where nearby five locations are highlighted when I click on a particular mark on the map.


            I have got a grid which shows nearby 5 locations, but that result is coming up using a parameter. Here the requirement of end user is to avoid an additional step on parameter. End user is looking for and ability where he clicks on a particular mark on the map and the grid shows the nearby locations.