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    Appending Data

    Prasenjit Datta

      Hello Everyone.


      I want to connect Tableau with Box. The Box folder get updated every week with a new file but similar data. How do I add new data to my existing database in tableau. In other words, I want my this week data to last week data.





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          anil saini

          Hi Prasenjit,

          I don't have prior experience with Box, but I can suggest:


          write a script which will take 1 file and whenever new file comes, it will take its data and merge it into the previous one.


          and connect that to tableau with the live connection


          so whenever your new file comes up, the script will run, it will take the new data, paste it in old and then tableau will also show you latest data.

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            Jim Dehner

            Good morning

            It depends on the format of the data that you are pulling from Box

            but the usual approach to appending data to an existing Tableau data base is to UNION the data sets

            see the link     Union Your Data       and look at Wildcard Union


            also see  Tableau Prep  Tableau Prep      as an additional approach



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