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    Using tooltip or dashboard action on a text table

    Margaret Woley

      I'm working on creating a public facing map that allows people to see which initiatives in their field are happening in which parts of the country, and then who to contact if they want more information. I'm making a pretty simple dashboard with just a map and a text table with very basic information about each initiative. Due to formatting limitations in Tableau (not able to do dynamic row height sizing) and just wanting to keep things simple and compact, I'm trying to limit what shows up on the table, and then have links to contact information in a tooltip or dashboard action.


      In the attached workbook I've created a dummy version of my dashboard. I want the location, initiative type and lead agency to show up on the text table. And then I want a user to be able to select a particular agency to get a link to their website and the name and email address of a contact person. I've tried to do this with both a tooltip and a dashboard action, but neither one seems quite right. I think it will be confusing to users to have to select the little blue circle to get the tooltip (though I guess I could write instructions to do that), but I can't get the contact email link to work properly with the dashboard action. Does anyone have advice on the best way to do this?


      I hope my question is clear enough. Please ask for clarification if not.


      Thank you!